Tuesday, 30 September 2014


The cuddlebug is sitting in my lap and murmuring, however a bit less uproariously now that I'm writing and not petting him. The decrescendo of his murmur is his uninvolved forceful approach to let me know to stop blogging and backtrack to petting.

In any case I took a shot at the shawl today. Was feeling supersluggish when I got back from lab, so I used a decent two hours on it instead of chipped away at my paper. It doesn't look that changed. I'm dependent upon around 125 lines over, yet need to get it in excess of 200. Size 8 needles, basically worsted weight yarn... I think focused around my gage I'll wind up with around 42 inches. Is that wide enough? How wide ought to a shawl be?

In the wake of swatching for TD's sweater (from yarn young ladies manual for basic sews) and getting the right gage, I've chosen I dislike it. It's excessively open a weave. This was the same issue I had with their basic tank design. Got the right size and gage, however I think the example is messy. Stout yarn and huge needles makes enormous gaps. So I think I have to go down a size or thereabouts and re-swatch and reevaluate the example. Since I'll presumably change it with short columns at any rate its no major ordeal. I'm focused on the yarn, yet not the example. I think I simply need to make my essential rollneck.

In different news, I didn't get to shower today. The hotness and heated water were on the fritz. At last today the hotness is again on yet I haven't checked the water. So I washed my face and armpits and wore fragrance. Sad to any individual who saw me today. I think more about warmth than cleanliness.

Anyway tomorrow morning I would do well to have the capacity to scrub down after I work out or there will be a lot of damage brought on my administrator.



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